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Welcome To Yeshivas Lev Shlomo!

CBMI is a network of programs in the Baltimore area, dedicated to working with Baltimore’s Jewish youth. Together with Project Build, our successful construction vocational program, we are proud to announce the restructured Lev Shlomo High School. The new Lev Shlomo, is dedicated exclusively for LOCAL high school boys. Lev Shlomo provides a fully structured daily schedule, including davening, learning, GED instruction, a game room, trips as well as other positive outlets for our students inside this framework. As we enter our second year, our students continue to develop as a contributing part as the broader Jewish community.

Lev Shlomo provides a plethora of services including but not limited to the following:

• GED Preparation
• Time Management Training
• Instilling Communal Responsibility
• Encouraging Personal Accountability
• Nightly Extra-Curricular Activities
• Shabbaton Get-Away Programs
• Stimulating Trips Year-Round
• Summer Programs
• Special Summer Trips

Our programs are extremely productive and highly effective as they are accentuated by the following:

• Low Student To Teacher Ratio
• Constant Rabbinic Involvement
• Around The Clock Availability
• Communal Participation

Meet Our Team

Aryeh Zigdon
Aryeh ZigdonRabbi, CBMI
Shaya Kohn
Shaya KohnRabbi, Lev Shlomo
Binny Margolese
Binny MargoleseProject Manager, Project Build
Gavriel Urszuy
Gavriel UrszuyForeman, Project Build