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Almost universally, adolescents see things differently from their parents.  These differences often cause stress and, in many cases, estrangement.  The staff members of CBMI work tirelessly with the boys to assist them in understanding and bridging this communication gap.  The reverse is also true.  As children struggle with the myriad issues of adolescence, the proper approach for parents is often less than intuitive.  CBMI’s counselors and mentors engage with parents regarding the issues, concerns and challenges facing their children.


CBMI currently maintains meaningful connection with over 250 young men who, at some point in their lives, were alienated from their families or communities, or who modeled dangerous behavior.  Through extensive interaction with these young men, the staff of CBMI has gained their confidence and has been able to assist each young man in navigating the challenges particular to him.


Since the very beginning, the approach has been for the staff members to serve as study partners and mentors for these young men.  As they are quick to explain, the Jewish learning component is absolutely essential to their success.  The program of study instills discipline, demonstrates meaning and provides an ideal method to reconcile and address the conflicted feelings of many of these young men.  In virtually every instance of success, there is a relationship centered around Jewish learning.  In describing CBMI’s operating philosophy, it would be impossible to overstate the importance of this aspect of the relationship.